About Us

Truly Be Desired (TBD) is a flagship brand, clothing line and label imprint, founded in 2020 by artist, singer and songwriter Joshua. It is based in California, United States.

We are all social beings with an innate desire to be loved, to be accepted, to be wanted, by nature. We spend a greater part of our lives subconsciously yearning for recognition and admiration. In all facets of life through friendships, intimate relationships, family etc. We can find ourselves feeling isolated and disconnected from the world. We can find ourselves feeling like we don’t belong, feeling misunderstood. This social dynamic stems from our childhood. The love or lack thereof we receive from our parents, siblings, classmates, family and friends early on directly impact and shape how we begin to view the world and ourselves. Truly Be Desired is a belief system, a brand, a label and a lifestyle. To truly feel loved and accepted is what every single person on this earth deserves. Your value is not in what other people think of you. Your value is within you. Your time, your energy, your love is the most precious gift you can give, use it wisely. We all deserve to truly be desired. We all deserve to feel loved.

Truly Be Desired represents everything true and sincere. It represents peace, loyalty, passion, the dreamers, the doers. It’s authentic, honest, vulnerable and real. Truly Be Desired is a family above all else. Welcome Truly Be Desired.